Born and raised in northeast Ohio, and currently residing in the western suburbs of Cleveland. I went to college in Chicago because I was drawn to its big-city atmosphere while still managing to have that indistinguishable, small-town charm. I’ve been using my editing abilities to tell stories for over a decade through various formats. I have built a satisfied client base via freelance work, as well as through my job as a Webcast Engineer & Streaming Media Producer at INXPO.

I first explored my creativity as a child through reading, writing, and drawing. These creative outlets eventually sparked a deep interest in music. I learned how to play the piano when I was five, and made music my primary passion for the next fifteen years or so. I still enjoy playing piano, guitar, and drums - but ever since high school, the main focus for my creativity has become video.

I was first drawn to multimedia entertainment when I started playing video games when I was four years old. Aside from gaming, I’ve always loved watching movies and television – imitating and quoting everything that I would see and hear. Editing is a culmination of all of the entertainment and creative elements that I’ve been attracted to in my life: the storytelling of reading and writing, the timing and rhythm of music, and the technological framework of computers and video games.