Brick (2014): Editor (Columbia College Graduate film)

Infinity (2013): Editor (in the process of submitting to festivals, more updates to come!)

The English Summer (in progress): Editor (Weisman Award recipient at Columbia College)

Love at First Sight (2012): Editor (Weisman Award recipient at Columbia College)

Brink (2011): Camera Operator

Legislative Breakfast at Norwegian American Hospital (2011): Editor

Filter Pure (2010): Editor (featured video for Filter Pure Filters website)

Fresh Squeezed (2010): Editor

Pre-Meditated: The Story of Matthew Hetsler (2010): Producer/Director/Editor

Your Son (2010): Director of Photography/Editor/Sound Designer

Chocolate Chip Charlie (2010): Director of Photography

Logical Fallacy (2010): Director/Editor

ReinCarnation (2010): Editor/Production Assistant (48 Hour Film Challenge in Cleveland made with Floating Horizon Films. Nominated for Best Editing in the competition and won Best Special Effects)

FLY (2010): Editor

Erifonos (2010): Director of Photography

Chupacabra - Vox Pop (2010): Camera Operator/Editor

Low Caliber (2010): Editor/Sound Designer

Self Portrait (2009): Director/Writer/Director of Photography/Editor